Current Work

          Below is a project I am currently working on.  One is a side entrance with a 4 ft. landing, the other is the back stairs. All the trim is African mahogany, steps are heart fir, decking is heart fir. Box newels, moldings, railings and balusters were fabricated on site. The old stairs were about ten years old and needed to be replaced. Pictures of the work I ripped out, and a description of why, below.

Before pictures of above project

       So, both entrances were rotting. so why is that?. The trim was cedar, and the end grain of the balusters was primed. But not all cedar is created equal, and where it is sawn from the tree is critical. The decking was mahogany, but again, not all mahogany is created equal. The deck was not pitched, so the water did not drain, and it was nailed down with interior finish nails. The caps were made of pine, and the stairs were not pitched. The moldings were made of pine. Both staircases were improperly framed. The deck was not bolted to the house, and flashing was missing. pictures below.

Greek Revival

Below is a Greek revival that  I have been working on. It was converted into apartments long ago. you can see some before and during pictures.... here

Past Projects   

          So, if you click one of the four photos below, it will take you to another page with more pictures.    203-772-5473